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November 12th, 2013
A review on ‘Cherry Ping’

Looking to capitalise on the success of the fraternal phenomenon Beer Pong, the guys at Crisis invited us along to check out the newest arrival on the Nottingham scene, Cherry Ping. Studentsoc investigates…

On first impressions, Black Cherry Lounge would seem a rather interesting choice of venue for such an event: one of the few hip-hop strongholds in Nottingham playing host to the official sport of the 18-25 jock middle-class. With the area cleared of the usually crammed dancefloor of krumping sardines however, the space opens up nicely allowing for tables worth of playing at any one time with ample room for the usual mob of spectators. With the average salary of a part-time Beer-Ponger being a little on the short side, the bar thankfully serve 4-pint pitchers at the very reasonable £11, plenty cheap enough to share among your mates over the evening. With our pitcher bought, cups set up in classic 3-2-1 formation and (ping-pong) balls at the ready, we got underway…

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What I’ve always loved about beer-pong is that along with sex, fighting and dancing, it is one of the few co-ordination based activities that I actually improve at following the consumption of alcohol. While my form initially suffered as a result of a distracting niggle I picked up before the game, sobriety, a few beers in balls were dropping at a rate only witnessed during puberty. We opted for a fairly standard interpretation of the game – bounce-backs and swatting in effect – however the official WSOBP rules can be found online ( for the alcoholic anoraks among you. We weren’t kidding when we said people take this incredibly seriously… If you still require further assistance however, house referees are on hand to make judgement calls for those nail-biting moments; their Ann Summers take on officiating softening the blow of any infringements – Premier League take note. After a couple of hours playing, we were more than ready to head upstairs into Crisis (entry is included with the ticket) and continue our night, happy to be spared of another pre-drinks spent sitting around in our heating-less living room trying to shout over deafening house music.

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A thoroughly enjoyable night and a must for any social sec looking for something to spice up a Wednesday, bookings are available through the following link:


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One thought on “A review on ‘Cherry Ping’

  1. I have read a few articles on StudentSoc now and feel that yours are constantly well informed and written in an excellent fashion. Keep up the good work.

    PS. your use of the words balls made me giggle hehehheeh lol xoxo

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